The Lawyer Inquiry: THE LAWYER INQUIRY:Denise Dowen

Denise Dowen was born in Walsall in 1965. She now lives in Newcastle where she is employed as an environmental lawyer with Dickinson Dees.

What was your first job?

My older brother's paper round in return for ice creams.

What was your first ever salary as a lawyer?

I did it for love.

What would you have done if you hadn't become a lawyer?

Become Bob Geldof's wardrobe consultant.

Which law could you live without?

Dennis Law.

What was your most embarrassing professional moment?

Setting fire to a slide projector at a client seminar.

What vehicle do you drive?

A Honda 90cc moped.

Which famous person would you like to go out with?

Ian Beale.

Where would you go to eat?

Ian's Chippy.

What's the best thing on TV?

Ian Beale's moustache.

Which movie do you wish you'd appeared in?

The Italian Job.

What's your most often-worn piece of clothing?

A Princess Di face mask.

What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

Food Combining for Diabetic Vegetarians and How To Plant A Bible Garden.

What is your all-time favourite record?

The theme tune to Hawaii 5-0.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone entering the profession now?

Get a life.

What do you like about yourself?

My ability to eat a packet of jelly babies in less than five seconds.

What do you hate about yourself?

My bad language when I am behind the wheel of a car.

Where would you most like to be right now?

Newcastle FC changing rooms.