The Lawyer Inquiry: Katie Paxton

Katie Paxton was born in Southampton in 1966. She works as an in-house lawyer in the legal department of MDIS and is vice-chair of the Young Solicitors Group.

What was your first job?

Saturday Assistant in the academic section of a bookshop.

What was your first ever salary as a lawyer?

Unfortunately not enough to cover my training debt repayments.

What would you have done if you hadn't become a lawyer?

Worked in theatre as stage manager/company manager.

Which law could you live without?

Insolvency Act 1986.

What was your most embarrassing professional moment?

Leaving an interview at a London firm after hours, the door slammed behind me trapping my skirt. As the building was deserted, it took a great deal of banging on the door for my interviewer to come and release me. As I still have received no communication from the firm, I assume I have not got the job.

What car do you drive?

Yellow Tigra (currently with 843 miles on the clock).

Which famous person would you like to go out with?

Anthony Hopkins.

Where would you go to eat?

Picnic on Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

What's the best thing on TV?

Men Behaving Badly.

Which movie do you wish you'd appeared in?

Sally Potter's Orlando.

What's your most often-worn piece of clothing?

Black stockings and suspender belt but I am too shy to mention them.

What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson.

What is your all-time favourite record?

I Wish It Would Rain by Nanci Griffith.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone entering the profession now?

Carpe Diem.

What do you like about yourself?

My tattoos.

What do you hate about yourself?

Nail biting.

Where would you most like to be right now?

In a cramped, sweaty fringe theatre at the Edinburgh Festival.