The Lawyer Inquiry: James Ware

At its last session the Council of the Law Society met in camera to determine its views on the future of conveyancing.

Since the public and legal press were excluded the only information we have was contained in a news-managed report in last week's Law Society Gazette which stated that the council "had confounded expectations by holding fast to its support for separate representation of borrowers".

This calls for two comments. First to express distaste for the fact that it was thought necessary to discuss an issue of so much interest to the profession in secret. Second, to express astonishment that the council should have so contemptuously disregarded the views of most of the profession who responded to the consultation process.

May I make it clear that this group will use all means at its disposal to oppose this perverse decision. Those means will be made clear following a meeting of our executive next month.

Leslie Dubow

Chief executive

Solicitors Property Group

Cuffley EN6 4HE