The Lawyer Inquiry: Edward George Nugee TD QC

Born in Surrey in 1928. He has been head of Wilberforce Chambers since 1976.What was your first job?

After university I taught for a year at a prep school – maths, history, English, geography and Greek.

If not a lawyer, what is your ideal job?

I can't think of anything more satisfying than 40 years at the chancery Bar – an ideal combination of the academic and the practical and you are, to a large extent, your own master.

What is your most glorious success?

Pearson v IRC (1981) AC 753, won for the revenue by three to two in the House of Lords. All the chancery judges involved in the case held in favour of the taxpayer. I have no doubt they were all wrong.

And your greatest regret?

That Lloyds Bank did not appeal the decision in Lloyds Bank Pension Trust Corporation v Lloyds Bank, (1996).

Who is your role model or the person you admire most?

Lord Denning, for his invariable courtesy, his wide knowledge of the law and his desire to do justice. His influence for good on the attitude of the judiciary to the litigant has been profound and lasting.

Which historical figure would be your ideal client,?

Henry VIII. His reign saw exciting changes in the law relating to conveyancing and wills, far-reaching reforms in the Church of England (which after more than 900 years of evolution was in need of reformation), the establishment of new charities, and other developments needing expert legal advice.

Who would be your nightmare client?

I decline to name the solicitor in question – he is still practising.

Which Web site do you visit the most?