The Lawyer In-house insider


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the long-awaited The Lawyer In-House Insider e-newsletter, which is part of our ongoing efforts to cover all the latest news, trends and moves in the in-house legal market.

As The Royal Bank of Scotland revealed this week that it had cut its legal panel by 40 per cent and created a dedicated sub-panel for alternative service providers, we have been finding out the in-house view on using legal process outsourcing providers.

To outsource or not outsource? Do you have time to unbundle your work into different types of process, from high value to commodity? If not, you’re not alone. Research carried out by The Lawyer has shown that in-house lawyers continue to be reluctant to rely heavily on legal process outsourcers (LPOs) as a viable outsourcing solution. Find out more what other in-house counsel think here. And read our editor’s comments here.

We are interested in hearing your views on these topics and more. Please send any news about panel reviews or moves to