The Lawyer Hot 100 nominations window is currently open.

How to nominate

Please do not send your submissions in a PDF or Word document. Instead, simply paste all your submissions, in alphabetical order by surname, into the body text of an email, with the following information at the top of each entry: Nominee’s name, Name of organisation, job title, town/city in UK where they are based

We discourage formatting of any kind, including bullet points and subheadings. We do not need photographs of nominees.

If you are making multiple written submissions, please send them all in one email. The email address to use is

Who qualifies for entry?

  • They must be a qualified lawyer
  • They must be UK-based
  • They can be from private practice, in-house or the Bar
  • They must have done something of significance during the most last 12 months (as the Hot 100 is not a ‘lifetime achievement’ award but an acknowledgement of the excellent work that is being done right now)
  • They must have star quality (ie not just a lovely supervisor or someone who has led on a big deal as there are hundreds of those lawyers across the country). Good nominations will bring out what makes them so special.

Hints for nominations

  • Nominations should be short. If your nomination is truly Hot 100 worthy, you should be able to explain why in no more than a couple of paragraphs.
  • A 15-to-20-word synopsis at the start detailing the main reason why your nomination deserves inclusion may help you distil your argument.
  • Keep it current: the Hot 100 is not about past glories but things done in the last calendar year.
  • Nor is the Hot 100 is simply about who has done the most or biggest deals in a given year. We recognise management figures leading their firm with vision; team leaders who have sparked incredible growth (or turned round a struggling business); litigators on groundbreaking cases; associates who through their actions are proving that they are the next superstars; tech innovators within the profession; lawyers who have implemented a brilliant idea within the business…
  • Avoid fluff. We don’t need to know about your nomination’s previous award wins, directories rankings, media appearances or chapters they have contributed to books – that is irrelevant to us as far the Hot 100 is concerned. The meat of what they’ve done is what counts.
  • You don’t need to get lots of other people to email us as well to act as references. One nomination is enough, if it’s the right one.
  • Don’t forget to include: their name, job title, organisation they work for, town/city where they are based.

Due to the number of nominations we receive we regret we cannot acknowledge receipt individually.

Deadline: Please email your nominations before 30 September 2024. We strongly encourage early submissions as it allows us more time to conduct our research. Please note: We cannot offer deadline extensions for the Hot 100.

The Hot 100 2024 is available to view here.