The Lawyer circulation rises 70 per cent

The Lawyer has received its first official Audit Bureau of Circulation certificate since increasing circulation by 70 per cent this year.

The average net circulation for January to June has increased from 17,893 to 28,698 year on year. Because of the circulation boost, the average figure is below the actual circulation figure which has been running at around 31,000 since March. The next average ABC figure for July to December is expected to reflect the true circulation.

The number of lawyers requesting their own copy of The Lawyer stands at 92 per cent.

The circulation hike comes predominantly from partners and in-house lawyers requesting their own copies. In addition to our distribution among assistant solicitors the newspaper is now received by 9,538 partners in firms with 10 partners or more and by 7,029 in-house lawyers.

In April an independent Garfield Robbins survey revealed that 85 per cent of in-house lawyers read The Lawyer. Our nearest competitor was In-House Lawyer magazine which was read by 40 per cent.