The law is an ass

These pages have been dominated recently by (male) lawyers making optimum use of their time by continuing to work even when relieving themselves. Tulkinghorn is sure you all remember the partner at a top 20 firm who regularly makes calls from his mobile while on the toilet, often to his longsuffering secretary, who has reported hearing toilet paper being pulled from the roll and flushing during the duration of a call. Said partner also insisted on being accompanied into the toilet by his trainee in order to finish off the telling of a "humorous" story.

Well, it seems that one lawyer has taken things a little too far. With all the perks now on offer at most City firms – from in-house restaurants and on-site drycleaning to banking and massage services – you can now get it all without leaving the building. But this particular lawyer has come up with a novel way of maximising his work time (see above): he will never have to leave his desk again.