The last action hero

The enduring trend for law firms to launch profile-raising initiatives by advertising at sports events has continued this summer. London property boutique Pemberton Greenish has sponsored the Surrey County Cricket Club Academy for three years now, while among the more targeted efforts was Simmons’ tilt at reaching the monied military types. The firm’s light blue-on-white logo was – eventually – spotted by a keen-eyed spectator at the annual Army v Navy rugby match at Twickenham last month.

But news of what is now Tulkinghorn’s favourite marketing initiative reached him via a spy, who happened to be at Brands Hatch recently watching motorsports.

Apparently the chap was sitting back enjoying the racing when something about the car trundling past in last place caught his eye. Yes, emblazoned on the side in glorious colour (he thinks it was orange) was a logo that, thanks to the canny tortoise-like pacing, was unmissable as Osborne Clarke.

Tulkinghorn supposes the driver could have actually tried to race competitively, thus securing the firm the kudos associated with winners. But how much cleverer to crawl around in last place, giving spectators plenty of time to catch the firm’s name. Genius.