The kings of swing

Tulkinghorn was whisked into the high life for a night last week when the always-entertaining Herbert Smith real estate team hosted a reception for hacks at the Kingly Club.

Once a legend of the swinging 60s London West End club scene, Tulkinghorn’s scribe was less impressed by the club’s modern incarnation’s white leather and UV-lit aquariums than by Herbies’ dedication to the cause, keeping the bar tab open until the early hours.

Our intrepid scribe should have followed the lead of real estate partner Julian Pollock, who turned down the vodka shots and left early, citing important client meetings. Instead he found himself discussing the merits of football and the World Cup with Gleiss Lutz partner Detlef Schmidt. Curious, though, that when the club opened to other guests and the music got turned up, Herbies’ partners vanished quicker than an associate’s social life.