The King’s Bench Walk walk-out

Fountain Court managed an unusual bar lateral this week, scooping up commercial silk Charles Béar QC from 11 King’s Bench Walk (11KBW), as first revealed on (6 September).
11KBW has grown turnover by 21 per cent to £13.6m in the last year, triggering an expansion push and a search for new offices.

Back in June barristers voted down a proposal to move to Staple Inn, instead adopting a scheme to lease 15 new rooms in neighbouring 10 and 9 King’s Bench Walk.
11 KBW barrister John Kavanagh QC said at the time that the move had divided opinion. “There were strong views on either side,” he said.

Béar was one owner of the strong views that were shouted down at the meeting, prompting his departure.

There must be something in the water down at King’s Bench Walk. The only other QC moves this year happened down the road at criminal set 6 King’s Bench Walk, which lost David Spens QC to Garden Court Chambers and recruited 2 Pump Court silk Gibson Grenfell QC in February.