The jazz singers

Berlin lawyers rejoice. Especially those in good voice.

The Berlin Station Cafe held its first ‘Naked Karaoke’ event on 12 February and it was all thanks to the labours of local lawyer David Koskoff.

Koskoff, co-owner of the bar with local entrepreneur Marty St Pierre, came to the rescue when it was threatened with closure last year. St Pierre had inadvertently started the bun fight by putting up posters advertising the event, although he later claimed it had been a joke. Locals failed to see the funny side – you could say they refused to turn the other cheek – and a legal battle commenced. Koskoff countersued the town and was ultimately victorious.

On the night, though, music was probably the loser, as a standing room-only crowd failed to see a single birthday suit-clad warbler perform. Then again, seeing as it was karaoke, it’s probably just as well.