The internationalisation of Reed Smith

Reed Smith is on the move ahead of its merger with Richards Butler. As first reported in the Estates Gazette in June, Reed Smith is moving all the way from Coventry to Solihull. But it’s not just small-town UK that’s being affected by changes at Reed Smith. Yes, small-town US is going through the same process.

The firm is moving its Newark, New Jersey, operation 81km up the road to Princeton, New Jersey. That’s a step up from the 28.8km journey from Coventry to Solihull. But then America’s bigger, so perhaps the Solihull move could be more significant.

Reed Smith was possibly one of the biggest things to happen to New Jersey since, er….The Sopranos. And like Jersey’s best-loved family, the firm has a significant interest in life sciences, which, it assures us, will not be affected by the move.