The Howard Kennedy remedy

It’s time for the inaugural The Lawyer 200 spin awards, and an early entry is London’s very own Howard Kennedy.

The property behemoth saw its average profit per equity partner (PEP) soar by a third last year, from £473,000 to £630,000.

It was clearly a corking year, but perhaps the strong PEP performance was helped by the fact that only 17 of the firm’s 75-member partnership are full equity partners.

Could there be a smidgen of jealousy among the 58 have-nots? What a thought. Howard Kennedy says that the decision of joining the equity partnership or not is down to each individual. A spokesperson claimed that leaving the choice up to the lawyer meant the firm could design a partnership position “suitable to that individual’s own work-life balance”.

It must be wonderful to work at such a caring firm.