The heart of the Black Country

Exciting developments in the Black Country. Well, that's what last week's press release from Waldrons Solicitors promised at any rate. “Black Country solicitors have taken on a new recruit with a difference,” it proclaimed.
Said new recruit, a Mr Adrian Ruffhead, it transpires, is a 'radical' Christian, who has just spent two years on the Ivory Coast at a school for missionaries' children. “We'd spent so long in a privileged society that we just thought it was the right time to invest in other people's lives,” Ruffhead said. “We wanted to give something back, so we became dorm parents at a boarding school.”
Wonderful stuff. It is always so heartening to see members of our oft-reviled profession proving their worth to society and giving a little something back. So, fortified by his experience, just what will Mr Ruffhead be doing at Waldrons? Debt recovery. Need one say more?