The email of the species

Getting past the 1940s-style receptionists, episode six: “I’m not authorised to give out email addresses,” announced the glum receptionist at Broxbourne District Council when asked for contact details for its head of legal as part of a research project at Lawyer Towers.

“May I at least take his name?” replied the exasperated hack.

“Well, yes. It’s Mr Gavin Miles.”

Sniffing out an opportunity to dart under the tight-as-a-drum security measures in place at the council, said hack suggested that perhaps the email address might follow the tried-and-trusted format of first name.second name@etc?

The steely receptionist may have been caught off-guard but seemed bemused by the groundbreaking suggestion. In a state of shock, she confirmed it.

So, to recap: thanks for the email address. Does life have to be so hard?