The Dodger’s Chelsea smile

Multiple news from the PR world reached Tulkinghorn last week. A mole pointed the great man in the direction of PR Week, which recently published its ‘Power Book’. This, apparently, is “the definitive guide to the most influential people in PR”. And who should feature – leering out of the top of page 30 – but Allen & Overy‘s (A&O) global head of comms David Crundwell, who lists his ‘guilty pleasure’ as Millefeuille. Free publicity and a plug for his favourite treat? Isn’t that a case of having your cake and eating it, David? In an entirely unlooked for coincidence, an A&O alumnus also popped up unexpectedly last week. This time it was in the form of former overlord of the black arts of PR Iain ‘The Dodger’ Rodger, who joins Lehmann Communications today (16 April) as an associate director. But that’s not the interesting bit.

When Tulkinghorn is feeling generous, he offers his scribes an hour or two of free time. One such free-from-the-yoke hack decided to get away by attending the Valencia v Chelsea Champions League match last Tuesday (10 April) at the rather beautiful Estadio Mestalla. And whom should he find himself parked next to upon taking his seat among the Valencia faithful but Chelsea fan Rodger. Proof that if the law (or PR) wants to find you, it will.

“We were sitting with the die-hard Valencia supporters,” explained the mole. “When Chelsea scored in the last minute Roger couldn’t celebrate for fear of a beating, but was gurning away trying not to shout.” Instead, Rodger leapt up in his seat, instantly clenching every muscle in his body without making so much as the slightest noise.

An incredible feat. For all Tulkinghorn knows, Rodger’s remains clenched.