The dark side of the law

Last week the 50th anniversary Commonwealth Law Conference was held in the spectacularly uninspiring concrete surroundings of the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster. It was a colourful affair and all human life, as always, was in attendance, with a variety of national dress on show and the concreted halls ringing with accents and languages diverse.

The keynote speech was delivered by the Nigerian Minister of Justice. Sadly, the conference hall was so dark that taking notes was virtually impossible. The delegate who arrived clutching a pile of blank Sudoku sheets must also have been terribly annoyed.

Tuesday evening saw more than 500 lawyers gathered at the InterContinental Hotel for the Jubilee dinner, where guests were welcomed by a video of Tony Blair. There was some confusion when the PM announced “we are all lawyers and must uphold the rule of law”, as the comedian had been booked for later.