The cheeky little devils

Isn't it charming how certain firms have such a collegiate atmosphere that they cannot bear to be apart from each other for even one weekend?

Take Norton Rose. Two partners were invited to The Lawyer Monte Carlo as speakers. But as Norton Rose were not sending any delegates to the networking event of the year, the pair were likely to feel a little lonely without their colleagues. So hordes of kind Norton Rose partners all decided to spend a weekend in Monte Carlo, staying in the same hotel as the conference so they didn't have too far to walk to see their chums.

While in Monte Carlo, the same kind partners decided to hold a spontaneous party, inviting all of their favourite friends from the in-house world to come and see the Six Nations at Monte Carlo's Irish pub. Unfortunately, their plans all came to nowt as France had reached the semi-final of the World Handball competition, so the rugby had been pulled from French TV.

But they're game chaps at Norton Rose. In the evening they tried once again to party, again inviting hordes down to a local restaurant. But a considerable number of their guests were washing their hair that night and the booking for 40 was slightly optimistic.

Imagine going to all that trouble to be with your friends. Tulkinghorn feels obliged to set up a charitable foundation to enable Norton Rose to pay for delegate places next year so that its partners do not have to go through this torment. At some point he will set up a special website called where you can all make your credit card donations. Just thinking of their little faces just makes you well up, doesn't it?