The bribe tribe

Despite muttered accusations of pomposity, at least one English silk at the International Bar Association (IBA) conference in Cancun upheld ethical conduct befitting his profession.
Buenos Aires veteran litigator Mareno Ocampo, a renowned courtroom figure in his native Argentina, suggested a hypothetical scenario to a crowded session on corruption: “How would you advise your client,” he asked, “whose only means of recovering the millions of pounds owed to him was by paying a bribe firm?” A Nigerian lawyer with impeccable honesty was the only one to say he would advise the client to accept the bribe option. To this, our English silk suggested his Nigerian colleague should disbar himself.
Ocampo, amused, then suggested we are not always as incorruptible as we like to pretend, referring to a survey he conducted of 300 US businessmen operating in South America. All denied receiving bribes, but unanimously agreed that everyone apart from themselves was lying.