The bold and the beautiful

Clifford Chance might be the biggest, brashest and brightest law firm in the world right now, but it wasn't always that way. And here's the picture to prove it (below). While trawling through The Lawyer's picture library, Tulkinghorn came across a motley crew of youngish lawyers, several of whom are now at the forefront of Clifford Chance's drive for world domination.

From left to right, we have chairman Keith Clark, chief operating officer Garth Pollard (so laid back even then), Mr Maunder, who went to work for Hong Kong's transport authority and is now retired, consultant Tony Willis (formerly the firm's alternative dispute resolution guru and still one of the most highly-rated mediators in the country), consultant and former head of the corporate practice Peter Brooks, and chief executive officer Michael Bray.

The picture was taken back in 1987, (shouldn't that say 1967? – ed) when Clifford Turner and Coward Chance merged to form Clifford Chance. And one thing that must have been on their minds even then was to get better office space. It's hardly Canary Wharf, is it?