The BNP barrister

What a complex world we live in.

How should employers – and those in a similar position – balance freedom of political beliefs with respect for equality and diversity?

Would a commercial entity’s reputation be damaged if it didn’t take action against an individual associated with it whose views are potentially divisive for clients and colleagues?

These must have been some of the issues that faced the management at St Philips Chambers in Birmingham this week, when it emerged that one of its door tenants – Robert Grierson – is to fight a seat for the BNP at the upcoming general election.

Grierson handed in his resignation from the chambers yesterday, with the set seeking to distance itself as much as possible from his views.

Talking of views, posters of all political hues – including a surprising number of BNP supporters, ahem – have been having their say on Grierson’s candidacy on Have your say here.