The bald truth

Tulkinghorn always welcomes serious, constructive comment about The Lawyer's coverage, so the team was particularly heartened to receive the following email from a City property department head in response to last week's feature, 'Realty bites'. The email read: “Thank you for cutting off the top of my head in the photograph – you have missed out my receding hair line thus making me look much younger, something a number of my partners and assistants have already remarked upon!!!” Tulkinghorn was obviously delighted that his colleagues in the art department had been able to help out, at least until he cast his eye over the feature, at which point he became somewhat aggrieved that more thank you notes had not been forthcoming. The art department had been busy cropping not just one receding hairline, but several. Not that Tulkinghorn can mock, of course. Have you ever wondered why he remains the only faceless member of The Lawyer's team?