We asked Conga’s Charles Cao what questions are clients asking him most in this current climate, what are their main challenges and what advice can he share.

His answer won’t come as a surprise for in-house lawyers: contract management.

Due to the nature of its business, the FS industry is a contract factory and one of the main challenges is how to streamline processes; not an easy task to achieve given the complexity of some of the contracts involved (even before we throw COVID-19 into the equation).

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About the author:

Charles Cao is Head of EMEA Operations and Strategy at Conga, where he guides the operations expansion in Europe, one of the company’s fastest-growing markets, and contributes as a thought leader to drive business results and shareholder value. Since joining Conga (then known as Apttus) in 2015, Charles has held a variety of roles, including Industry Lead, Account Executive, and Marketing Director. Prior to Conga, Charles led the global team that implemented a CRM solution across 45 countries at Universal Music Group, the largest music corporation in the world.