In this latest video, Mercedes Benz UK general counsel Jonathan Lipman builds on last year’s three pieces of advice piece, where he talked about agile working, keeping up team spirit and leadership during the pandemic.

In his follow-up, Lipman shares his views on the future of agile working and the different positions we see companies taking, what this means for when we go back to the office and the need for a fresh mentality in order to make it work.

About Jonathan:

Jonathan Lipman has been Group General Counsel at Mercedes-Benz UK since November 2013. He leads a team of 12 who provide a wide variety of legal advice to the Mercedes-Benz Group in the UK. It operates wholesale, retail, finance and insurance business across the passenger car, van, truck and bus markets. Jonathan’s team also advises the high-performance powertrains business (F1 engines). Before working for Mercedes-Benz, Jonathan was Head of Legal Affairs for seven years at PSA Peugeot Citroen.