DLA Piper’s change maker Jana Blount speaks to The Laywer about the diversification that will result from the expansion of available career paths in the legal industry, as part of the Business Leadership Series.

What does the role of a change maker encompass?  

We tried to keep my job title different and yet meaningful.  We were moving away from talking about what to some people was a vague idea or concept of innovation and toward something more tangible and concrete: creating change.  I report to our global co-CEO, Simon Levine, and lead our Radical Change strategic pillar.  I lead our Change Council and change teams made up of people from across our DLA Piper International offices, countries, professions and practices, to create ideas and projects within our three radical change priority areas of design, consulting, and digital.

Jana Blount
Jana Blount

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

We recently wrapped up our first virtual design sprint.  During the final presentations the team members were providing feedback on their experiences, and it was so rewarding listening to their enthusiasm for their ideas, to the passion that they had for creating change, and seeing how they had embraced learning new ways of problem solving.  I love feeling that I have in some way empowered others to the create the change they need and desire.

Who do envision will be the next non-legal entrants in law firms that will help diversify and change the way things are done?

I think more firms will bring in data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and data visualisers. Some firms are already doing this; (we have already) but the more law firms understand the potential of wealth they have in their various data systems the more professionals they will bring in to help them gain insight and provide more data led advice to their clients.  I also hope that as available career paths expand in legal this will lead to more diversity across the industry.

Name 3 things on your bucket list

  • A safari trip with my 2 children and husband
  • Dying my hair pink – I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a tween listening to No Doubt.
  • An epic week long birthday party in an exotic location with all my closest friends and family with a themed party for each night.