That old black magic

I agree with Bibi Berki's comments in "The Black Art of Advertising" (The Lawyer, 20 September) that lawyers have become less resistant to marketing, but disagree that the freedom to advertise is still considered a novelty.

In my experience, City and regional law firms have a good understanding of the role of advertising in all its forms and have more than adequate opportunity to do so, but continue to operate tight marketing budgets which restrict expenditure on the more expensive items such as advertising. Many law firms concentrate resources on internal marketing issues such as quality service and client care which provide more tangible results, and lawyers still query the value-for-money factor of glossy brochures and TV commercials.

Having been bombarded with marketing information over the years, some lawyers took the advertising route early on through logos on pens, diaries and T-shirts, emerging full-circle 10 years later with a clear understanding of what brings in the business, and the fact that lawyers are less likely to view their rivals' marketing gaffes with the excitement of earlier days illustrates the real impact of their education!

Sarah McLeavy

Professional Marketing Ltd

Alton, Hants