Thank you for the music

Many is the parent who longs to give the gift of music to their child – to install in them a skill that will ensure artistic fulfilment, a wider social circle and the pleasure of sharing music. This is great in theory but then reality strikes when you hear little Jimmy massacring Fur Elise for the umpteenth time upstairs. Or you become convinced that sweet little Jemima is slowly torturing alley cats when she is ostensibly doing her violin practice.
When music practice strikes, the only relief is the escape to work, where one's eardrums can stop bleeding. So pity the poor Allen & Overy lawyers who now have to endure the same aural torture at work.
The firm has brought in a company called City Music Services, which comes into the offices to give music lessons to whoever wants them. So far, piano, opera and saxophone lessons have been offered, but word has it that many in the firm are demanding rock lessons to learn how to wax that axe. Perhaps other firms ought to be grateful for small blessings – Tulkinghorn would love to know whether KLegal would still be so loved up with McGrigor Donald if they were all allowed to bring their bagpipes into work.