Terry’s all-gold for Locog

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog) secured quite a coup this week when it hired Goldman Sachs international general counsel Terry Miller to replace incumbent Charlie Wijeratna.

Wijeratna is a deal doer and will move on to become director of commercial negotiations at Locog. One of Miller’s most important roles will be putting in place the procedures and processes needed to ensure that £2bn worth of contracts runs smoothly. Not really Wijeratna’s bag.

Locog was looking for someone with gravitas, and in Miller it has certainly found that. She will have to deal with a complex political web that includes government, sporting bodies, local boroughs and the Mayor. She will have some very public battles to fight. But after 17 years at Goldman Sachs she can probably handle it.

While she fought off competition from more than 100 other well-qualified applicants, including some very high-profile names (and a few prats), it probably did not hinder her application that her new boss is former Goldman Sachs chief Paul Deighton.