TeCSA joins Seymour critics

The Technology and Construction Solicitors Association (TeCSA) has waded in to the debate surrounding the conduct of Mr Justice Seymour and the Technology and Construction Court (TCC).

TeCSA members are concerned that the judge’s conduct and the furore caused by the Court of Appeal’s criticism of the judge is ruining the reputation of the TCC.

“There’s been some concern about Seymour for a while. The fact that it’s… out in the open is a good thing, provided something’s done about it,” said a TeCSA source. “There’s not a lot of business going through the TCC. Compulsory adjudication in construction disputes, which was brought in with the Housing Act, has killed a lot of the litigation in the TCC. It ought therefore to be possible for Seymour to be kept firmly in the background.”

TeCSA chairman and Norton Rose partner Peter Rees said he was keen to defend the TCC’s reputation. “It’s of great concern to us,” he commented.

Judge Seymour declined to comment.