Technology will take lawyers out of the office

TECHNOLOGY will not only reduce office-based secretarial staff but will also get rid of more lawyers EYBA delegates were told.

Chair of the UK Young Solicitors Group Andy Unger told young lawyers from around Europe how new technology meant practitioners could do much of their work from home.

Speaking at a workshop based on the EYBA's Europe-wide 'Quality of life' survey, Unger said the strategy was to discuss the results for a year to give a fuller idea of lawyers' working lives.

"We should not underestimate the extent to which our work will be changed by machines," he said.

"A lot of routine work can be done by someone less qualified than a lawyer. Technology is not just going to get rid of secretaries in the office, technology is going to get rid of lawyers."

Much of the research was done by Torben Schon, partner at Berning Schluter Hald in Copenhagen and an EYBA executive committee member. He said the survey covered four areas – working hours, maternity leave, equal opportunities and career possibilities in big offices. A report will be released at the end of the year.