Taylor Wessing – UK 100

Turnover: £64m

Profit per equity partner: £348,000

Equity spread: £214,000-£536,000

Net profit: £22.2m

Profit margin: 35 per cent

Salaried partner remuneration: £110,000-£185,000

Revenue per lawyer: £263,000

Revenue per partner: £692,000

Revenue per equity partner: £1,000,000

Cost per lawyer: £172,000

Profit per lawyer: £91,000

No of partners: 93

No of equity partners: 64

No of female partners: Nine

No of female equity partners: Four

Total no of fee-earners (including consultants, paralegals etc): 292

Total no of fee-earners (excluding consultants, paralegals etc): 244

Total no of staff: 579

Leverage ratio: 1:2.36

Equity partner to staff ratio: 1:4.48

Fee-earner to staff ratio: 1:0.98

Financial management: Lockup target 97 days, achieved 88.4 (average WIP at year-end was 31.1 days, average debtor days 57.3). Work profile by revenue: corporate 26 per cent, dispute resolution 16, employment and pensions 8, finance and projects 13, IP 16, private client 7, real estate 14. Average capital contributions £113,000, with the range currently at £67,000-£170,000.

Equity structure: Points awarded to partners within nine bands, entirely on merit.

Billable hours targets: Partners 1,250, associates 1,560.

Key clients: Alliance & Leicester, Amgen, Anglo Irish Bank, British Airways, Eli Lilly, GMAC, ING BHF-Bank, HBOS, Rutland Partners, Visa.