Taxi scabs

Tulkinghorn and his scribes have had much discussion this week about the etiquette governing corporate taxis. Yes, that’s ‘taxis’ – a far more interesting subject than corporate taxes, Tulkinghorn believes.

The general consensus seems to be that, if someone comes into a firm to provide a service, some entertainment perhaps, it would be reasonable for them to expect a taxi home. Anything less would surely be plain rude.

Perhaps someone should inform SJ Berwin of this. The firm recently held a whisky-tasting event for 30 people at its London office, with an expert from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society hosting the evening. After several hours imparting his not inconsiderable knowledge of the water of life, said expert understandably expected to be provided with some form of transport home.

Maybe they’d sampled too much cask-strength whisky and their minds were addled, but the bods at SJ Berwin refused point blank.