Tax expert takes off to Miami

INTERNATIONAL tax lawyer Harry Wiggin has resigned his partnership with Norton Rose M5 Group member Burges Salmon and transferred his practice to Miami.

Wiggin has been retained as a consultant for the Bristol firm, a role which will run in tandem with his appointment as consultant with Miami practice Steel Hector & Davis.

Burges Salmon senior partner David Marsh said the Wiggin move was among a number of initiatives planned by the firm for the expansion of its transatlantic practice.

Marsh said Wiggin's offshore practice meant he spent considerable periods of time abroad and Miami had been identified as an ideal site to serve both US-based corporate clients and banking and private clients in South America.

The opening of the new practice and the secondment of Burges Salmon commercial litigation associate Chris Jackson to Steel Hector would also strengthen relations between the firm and the US.

“We are very enthusiastic about the new opportunities these developments will create for us and about our developing relationship with Steel Hector & Davis,” said Marsh.

“Both moves will strengthen our position in the US and give us a competitive advantage in serving transatlantic business.”

Bob Smyth, Burges Salmon marketing partner, said that although Wiggin's practice would see ties strengthening between the firm and Steel Hector, there was no talk of a merger. “It's far too early to be talking about any closer links,” said Smyth. “It's not even in our contemplation.

“So far as Miami is concerned, Steel Hector & Davis is one of the leading practices. It also has very well-established links with South America and Miami itself is quite often identified as the gateway to South America.

“But the US is a country with a number of different jurisdictions and Miami is not the only place in the US where one has to have good contacts and links,” he said.