Talk isn’t cheap

While Tulkinghorn is still resisting the shift from feather quill to ballpoint pen, today’s lawyers need to embrace technology to survive.

Tulkinghorn fondly remembers when a BlackBerry was just a humble British fruit, an ideal accompaniment for a bowl of breakfast muesli. Now, thanks to the ubiquitous gadget, the finest legal minds are just a phone call or email away at any time of day or night.

Progress indeed, but at what cost? News has reached one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes from the halls of Slaughter and May of a disturbing new phenomenon – phone rage.

One particularly stressed associate was taking a conference call on his BlackBerry when the condition took hold, so the story goes. Seconds later the handset had been hurled against the office wall with such force that it exploded.

Having rid himself of the cause of his misery, the associate then calmly called IT support and informed them his phone had broken and he would need a new one.

Now that’s the famous Slaughters stiff upper lip in action.