The Smith & Williamson law firm survey is back for its 27th year.

For decades the survey has determined what factors are having a big impact on the legal profession.

This has allowed analysis to look at year-on-year trends around confidence, financial management and strategy.

Last year we discovered that:

  • Despite the pandemic, 69 per cent of respondents felt reasonably confident about their firm’s business outlook
  • 70 per cent of firms had furloughed staff
  • All London-based respondents expected to work from home at least once a week once ‘normal’ conditions resume

As the world slowly heads out of this pandemic, the focus of this year’s project is the extent to which Covid has prompted a permanent shift in the pace of change within law firms.

We ask what this means for firm culture, productivity, the use of office space, and administrative roles.

We’re after responses from those in decision-making positions (including managing partners, senior partners and practice area heads). Your response will remain anonymous.


If you’re willing to participate, you can take the survey here.

We’re also looking to conduct interviews to supplement our findings, if you’d like to take part, or if you have any questions about the project, please contact Jesse Middleton.