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Leadership, investment and wise counsel: how to gender-balance the Bar

A recent Horizon article from The Lawyer, “All those brilliant brains at the bar and they still can’t solve this problem” provided plenty of data to suggest that women and barristers from minority ethnic backgrounds earn less than their white, male counterparts.  Few surprises there.  We’ve long been reading about imbalances at the bar: between […]


Why women lawyers need a new approach for the next lockdown

Back in March, everyone I spoke to was fairly stoic about the looming lockdown. Many had grand plans. They would seize the opportunity to use isolation to do a good clear out of the house, learn a new language, finally get round to reading The Mirror and the Light, watch a box set or two.  […]

Outer Temple appoint first female head of chambers

Outer Temple has voted in a new head of chambers, following the retirement of Christopher Gibson QC earlier this year. Gibson will be replaced by Sarah Crowther QC – who is the set’s first female head of chambers. She has also been appointed as Outer Temple’s head of health. Crowther was called to the Bar […]

After 100 years, female barristers finally get their own outfitter

A Doughty Street junior has set up the first legal outfitter dedicated to designing courtwear for women. Karlia Lykourgou has set up Ivy & Normanton, which is named after Ivy Williams – the first woman to be called to the Bar in May 1922 and Helena Normanton, who was the second woman to be called. […]