Women in Law


Infertility, pregnancy loss and lawyering: all in a day’s work?

“Your HCG levels aren’t rising”. A phrase reserved for parents whose unborn baby is (literally, if you repeat home pregnancy tests) fading before their eyes. Words spoken to me in February 2018 while sat in my open-plan office. An hour later, I walked into a presentation. Broken, helpless, confused, shaky and sad, I couldn’t articulate […]

IWD 2022: Billable hours and gender representation: turning nouns into verbs

Law firms recognise the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion, and they recognise the need to have a diverse workplace; after all, a large number of studies demonstrate that a more diverse workplace is better for business. Many law firms have cultures and values which embed these important nouns into their business models, and many […]

IWD2022: “Hybrid working has changed so much for women”

As part of International Women’s Day, Morgan Lewis partners Melanie Ryan and Ayesha Waheed, and associates Opeyemi Atawo and Jennifer Connolly share their experiences and advice. If you could go back to an earlier point in your career and give yourself some advice, when and what would it be? Jennifer Connolly: It would be right […]

IWD2022: In conversation with Travers: Role models, baby drool and fresh perspectives

As part of The Lawyer’s International Women’s Day coverage, Travers Smith senior partner Kath Russ spoke with private equity partner Genna Marten about how the legal industry has changed for young women starting out today. Kath: Genna, what drove you to specialise in private equity?   Genna: I chose private equity as a practice because […]


Women and the Pandemic: Mentoring and supporting women in law matters more than ever

Becoming a successful lawyer relies on more than intelligence, dedication and expertise. Interpersonal skills play a large part, enabling lawyers to establish trust and build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. Access to a network, in the form of clients and referral relationships, is also essential. After a year of social distancing and working remotely, […]

Women and the Pandemic: “Covid-19 has made us tighter as a team”

I remember that day in March 2020 very clearly. The day Boris Johnson announced we should all work from home with immediate effect. I was sitting with my colleagues in our office in Leeds and I think we all realised then that something strange and quite scary was unfolding outside although we couldn’t really articulate […]