AI in Action: Real-Life examples of how law firms and individuals are using AI today

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the legal industry, from contract analysis to legal research. But how are law firms and individuals actually using AI today? What are the benefits and challenges of implementing AI in legal practice? Join Everlaw for an engaging conversation about AI in action and its potential for transforming the legal […]

The Lawyer US 50 Webinar

The Lawyer US 50 Webinar The past decade has seen astonishing growth by US-headquartered firms in the UK. The ambition of most of these firms is to advise on the largest, most complex cross-border deals or disputes and they recognise the importance of having a substantial London office. But the market is at a tipping […]

Webinar On Demand: The Intelligence Advantage: Playing Moneyball with Legal Data

From understanding consumer behaviour to optimising the supply chain, organisations in all sectors of the economy are becoming increasingly reliant upon data to make critical decisions. Corporate legal departments need to follow suit – and so do the law firms who work with them. Indeed, the relationships between law firms and their corporate clients can […]

On-Demand: The Future of Electronic Signatures

The eSignatures Report by the Industry Working Group in the England and Wales Law Commission has further reaffirmed and clarified the future of digital transformation in the region. This report compliments the Law Commission’s original report and further discusses the latest trends and best practices based on existing technology and makes recommendations for future analysis […]


On-demand webinar: What does the growth of in-house legal operations functions mean to law firms?

  Speakers: Tammy Heydenrych, Legal Operations Consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright  Tammy Heydenrych is a Legal Operations Consultant at Norton Rose Fulbright. The Legal Operations Consulting Practice sits within NRF Transform, the firm’s technology and innovation programme and helps GCs and in-house legal teams optimise the delivery of legal services to their organisations. Tammy began her […]


On-demand webinar: What does ESG mean for law firms?

ESG reporting will soon become a requirement for law firms when being selected on relevant client panels or for winning opportunities with certain clients. As companies increase their efforts in considering the environmental and human impact of their supply chain, this will eventually affect law firms. Firms are therefore under pressure internally and from clients to revise their strategy around ESG, who they work for and what they stand for. Issues discussed in this panel include: