On-demand webinar: What does the growth of in-house legal operations functions mean to law firms?

  Speakers: Tammy Heydenrych, Legal Operations Consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright  Tammy Heydenrych is a Legal Operations Consultant at Norton Rose Fulbright. The Legal Operations Consulting Practice sits within NRF Transform, the firm’s technology and innovation programme and helps GCs and in-house legal teams optimise the delivery of legal services to their organisations. Tammy began her […]


On-demand webinar: What does ESG mean for law firms?

ESG reporting will soon become a requirement for law firms when being selected on relevant client panels or for winning opportunities with certain clients. As companies increase their efforts in considering the environmental and human impact of their supply chain, this will eventually affect law firms. Firms are therefore under pressure internally and from clients to revise their strategy around ESG, who they work for and what they stand for. Issues discussed in this panel include:

On-demand Webinar: 11 Ways to Reduce eDisclosure Expenses

  Review-related spending in eDisclosure is projected to nearly double over the next five years. For law firms, corporations and other entities facing these mounting costs, it is crucial to be familiar with all of the ways modern technology can be used to reduce the cost and risk of document review. In this webinar, we’ll detail […]

On-demand webinar: Team management – talent today vs the talent of tomorrow

Keeping teams engaged and motivated during a global pandemic has been a new and unanticipated challenge faced by senior leaders in this new decade. As the old way of working will not be returned to by most, how can you make sure that you are getting the best out of your team and how well does your talent of today shape up for the future business of law firms?