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US Top 50: Are you a have or a have-not?

This month’s publication of The Lawyer’s new US 50 ranking confirms that 2020 was yet another record year for US law firms in the UK. But while 23 firms saw a double digit rise in revenue and seven grew their turnover by 20 per cent or more, not every firm enjoyed such a barnstorming performance […]

Introducing the 2021 Marketing Leadership Summit

On 9th-10th June, the Marketing Leadership Summit is bringing together the top marketing and business development leaders working in major law firms today. If you want to become a commercial partner with the Marketing Leadership Summit, simply click here to enquire about available sponsorship opportunities.

Case study: Alexia Tomazos on increasing productivity and efficiency in the legal department

Today’s “Success Stories” case study features Alexia Tomazos, the head of legal and business affairs at Outbrain, a leading recommendation platform for the open web. In this short video, Tomazos talks about smarter ways of working and shares a couple of practical examples for increasing productivity and efficiency. TL Success Stories – Alexia Tomazos from […]

Introducing Signal, the latest innovation from The Lawyer

In-depth strategic insight and benchmarking of your markets, clients and competitors. Exclusive to subscribers. Four subscription channels to choose from. Coming early April 2021. To learn more about Signal and the upcoming content on the four subscription channels, click here.

Introducing the 2021 General Counsel Strategy Summit

Following a successful virtual debut in 2020, the Summit is returning digitally once more on 11 – 13 May 2021. We’re excited to continue building communities in 2021 that connect legal professionals across the industry through dedicated virtual events. To become a partner with the General Counsel Strategy Summit, click here to enquire about available […]

Webinar: Discussing the risks and challenges arising from changes in working patterns

This free to watch webinar on the challenges and risks behind working remotely, and how companies are managing this in practice was part of the virtual conference Managing Risk and Litigation that took place on the 18-19 November. Complete the fields below to access the 40-minute recording of this discussion. The webinar starts with the speakers discussing whether productivity levels within their teams and within their companies have been maintained, increased or dwindled while working remotely. The discussion also touches on the return to the office, surveillance monitoring to check productivity, whether there are any privacy and human rights legal issues in doing so, and how organisations have tackled risk management in general. Other issues include: What are the impacts of companies having their core teams and senior management working remotely for most of 2020? Understanding the main risk areas of remote working and the challenges behind managing regulatory risks in this context: what type of work can and cannot be sensibly done from home? How have organisations dealt with the issue of decreased monitoring? What is the regulator’s expected response to issues arising from the decrease in monitoring? What strategies should in-house teams have in place ahead of a more significant return to the office? Speakers: James Blendis, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Nissan/Renault Joanne Winship, Director Legal Compliance, Tata Steel Europe Anthony Kenny, Assistant General Counsel Corporate and CBS, GSK Moderator: Sarah Walker, Vice President & Global Deputy General Counsel, Aon