The latest news from Lawyer 2B about the Solicitors Qualification Exam (SQE), also known as the ‘super-exam’. The SQE is set to be introduced in 2020 and will radically transform the legal education landscape.

Students who start a law degree before August 2020 (assuming the SQE is introduced on time) will be able to choose whether to train via the old route or do the SQE. The Solicitors Regulation Authority is preparing for a long period of transition.

Students who start a law degree after 2020 WILL have to go down the SQE route.

o shaped lawyer

The lawyer of the future is O Shaped

As the legal industry continues to innovate and disrupt at pace, the profession itself remains static, relying on technical excellence to try to maintain its monopoly on providing legal advice to an ever more demanding customer base. While customer-centric law companies are maximising the benefits of technological and operational advances, the profession continues to train […]