In-house on-demand webinar

Webinar: A smart approach to ESG

This free to watch webinar is part of The Lawyer’s Smarter Working Week event in association with Thomson Reuters taking place between 21st and 24th of March 2022.

Webinar: How to do self-service well and bring the business with you

Self-service is something many in-house legal departments would like to implement but has anyone found the recipe for success? Whilst implementing self-service can present challenges, it can yield great results. This session will look at how in-house legal departments can approach self-service, how to determine whether it’s the right solution for them, and ways to […]

On-demand webinar: Where do you start? How to successfully integrate tech into your team

With such varied and prolific discussions around adopting tech in law, it can be difficult to understand how and where it fits into existing teams. Financial services companies are under great pressure to drive efficiencies and innovate but it’s not always clear as to how they can do this. This session explores the opportunities that tech and innovation can bring to legal teams through inspiring examples and real-life experiences shared by the panel.

On-demand Webinar: What’s next with Brexit

Brexit continues to impact the UK financial services sector. The conversation is moving beyond Equivalence and arrangements with the EU, to how the UK should design and orient its post-Brexit domestic regulatory framework, its approach to overseas firms operating in the UK, and explore new avenues related to the Digital and Climate Change to ensure that the UK remains a leading global financial centre. Watch this session to hear a regulatory update on where we stand with the post-Brexit agenda to date, what legal teams should be considering and how firms can prepare for the future.

On-demand Webinar: How to lead through uncertainty in the financial services ecosystem

Managing change for in-house teams is very time consuming, yet legal teams are consistently expected to work ahead of the curve with unclear guidance and very little data. Brexit, Covid-19 and data privacy regulatory updates are a few but not exhaustive examples. Navigating this landscape whilst advising the business on a day to day issues is challenging and taxing. So how have teams navigated times of turmoil thoughtfully and effectively whilst avoiding burnout?

On-demand Webinar: How can the financial services sector lead on ESG?

ESG remains at the top of business agendas this year with increased scrutiny on what firms can do to contribute to building back a better world post-pandemic, but what is the role that financial services can actively play in all of this and how can firms incorporate ESG to drive strategic objectives?