My Pride Story


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My Pride Story: Paving the way for surrogacy advocacy

Why can’t you be like everyone else? We’ll never be able to show our faces in the community again. You’ll never make it and, if you do, you’ll never succeed as a lawyer because of who you are. How are you ever going to be able to have a family? These were not only the […]

My Pride Story: “Coming out is just the start of an extremely challenging journey”

While June is Pride Month, no single month can fully encompass the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community’s achievements and contributions, nor raise sufficient awareness and advocate for the challenges the community continues to face. This is especially the case given the diverse tapestry of human experiences, which the concept of intersectionality—recognising how different aspects of […]

My Pride Story: Next-gen leaders

In my 24 years as a lawyer I have always been open about my sexual orientation at work. In the early days this wasn’t the easiest path to tread. There were very few out lawyers who one could look up to as role models. Things have definitely improved.  I now have a wide pool of […]

My Pride Story: The ‘other’ mother

It took a long time after Willow was born for me to start to feel like a “parent”. Society links “parenthood” to if you provided the genetics, and people feel they are owed an explanation on who her dad is and what we know about him. I’ve had people immediately gloss over me and ask […]

My Pride Story: When personal identity and professional practice meet

My Pride story started pretty cautiously. I think I have always had a strong underlying sense of self (old school reports often included phrases like “Nick has a strong sense of justice…” or, perhaps less positively, “Nick is quite opinionated…”), but I wasn’t comfortable coming out to anyone except my closest friends until I was […]

My Pride Story: From Greece to the UK

I started as a legal assistant at Freeths exactly one year ago. Since then, I have achieved two of my greatest goals of securing a training contract with the firm and becoming involved in the firm’s LGBTQ+ network, SHINE. At the age of 14, I declared to my parents that I would be moving abroad […]

My Pride Story: Reflections on the “Pink Ceiling” and inclusive leadership

The LGBTQ+ community has marched long and hard to promote inclusion, awareness and acceptance. It strikes me, however, that the corporate world has reached the final frontier, and it will take sustained determination and willing participants to finish the journey: LGBTQ+ leadership and smash the pink ceiling. Think for a moment about how many positions […]

My Pride Story: I used to hide my true self out of fear

One of the many things which has changed for the better in the legal profession since I became an articled clerk in September 1989 is its attitude towards LGBTQ solicitors. I was very clear when I started my legal career that being gay (or at least coming out to the firm and colleagues) would not […]

My Pride Story: My hidden story

There is a rather big word that our friends in the Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) teams have in their lexicon which is “intersectionality”. I am not sure anyone really understands what it means. Is it about gender, sexuality, race, religion, social class and/or disabilities?  It is supposed to acknowledge all the differences between us which […]