My Pride Story


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My Pride Story: Reflections on the “Pink Ceiling” and inclusive leadership

The LGBTQ+ community has marched long and hard to promote inclusion, awareness and acceptance. It strikes me, however, that the corporate world has reached the final frontier, and it will take sustained determination and willing participants to finish the journey: LGBTQ+ leadership and smash the pink ceiling. Think for a moment about how many positions […]

My Pride Story: I used to hide my true self out of fear

One of the many things which has changed for the better in the legal profession since I became an articled clerk in September 1989 is its attitude towards LGBTQ solicitors. I was very clear when I started my legal career that being gay (or at least coming out to the firm and colleagues) would not […]

My Pride Story: My hidden story

There is a rather big word that our friends in the Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) teams have in their lexicon which is “intersectionality”. I am not sure anyone really understands what it means. Is it about gender, sexuality, race, religion, social class and/or disabilities?  It is supposed to acknowledge all the differences between us which […]

Gemma Rowland, Osborne Clarke

My Pride Story: I had to hide who I was on a daily basis

Yesterday, I dared to struggle… When I was 14, I started to question my sexuality and actively explore what this meant. At the time, I attended a middle class, conservative school where the majority of the teachers and pupils looked and spoke the same. I had no visible LGBTQ+ role models, or anyone I could […]

My Pride Story: How do we overcome unconscious bias?

Why is Pride month important? Its value is not so much about celebration in my view, but creating a point in time to remind everyone why we are discussing these issues. The truth is that, whatever we might think from the comfort of Western Europe, freedom to identify openly in the workplace as LGBTQ+ is […]

My Pride Story: Fighting for marriage equality in Japan

Greetings from Japan, the only G7 country without any country-wide protections for LGBTQIA+ rights or recognition of LGBTQIA+ relationships. Many visitors to Japan often find this fact to be a surprising contrast to Japan’s progressive and technologically advanced image. Unfortunately, the journey towards equality in Japan is stuck on the slow local train, instead of […]

My Pride Story: From drag to City law

The invitation to share some reflections on Pride Month has caused me to reflect more deeply on my relationship to “pride” in a work environment than I have done, consciously at least, before. The centring of “pride” by the Gay Liberation Front in the UK and US, and other gay liberation groups across the world, […]