MIPIM 2016

Nicky Richmond rectangular

Nicky Richmond: Day two at MIPIM

It seems incredible but only it’s only a day a half since I arrived and it already feels like I’ve been here for a week. The heavy rain has put a dampener on proceedings and no-one wants to sit in the beach restaurants, the waves seeping under the flimsy awnings and the crack of the plastic in the wind drowning out conversation.

Bruce Dear

Bruce Dear: Day two at MIPIM

I did my last long cycle ride in 1977. Got lost. Cycled 50 miles by accident. Never got on a bike again. So I feel a bit guilty drinking rosé to welcome the tanned, grimy heroes of Legal & General’s Cycle to MIPIM as they arrive at Savills’ Croisette cafe.

John Sullivan: Day two at MIPIM

Having settled into our new surroundings on day one, day two of MIPIM 2016 is already living up to its reputation of being the busiest of the week. Unfortunately, the weather has not been so kind but we will remain positive and hope it improves before we host our cocktail party tonight.


Michael Twining: Day one at MIPIM

And so it begins. 4am alarm, kiss goodbye to a seven month pregnant wife and jump in the car down to Luton. Last time I was at this airport, a year ago, it was a similar time of day, but it had included cans on the minibus as I was on my way to my stag do. (I wonder if my travel companion/boss fancies a pint?  Maybe just a coffee, for now.)

Nicky Richmond rectangular

Nicky Richmond: Day one at MIPIM

I ought to get a badge for long service. This is my 20th year on the MIPIM merry-go-round and I wonder each year how I can make it fresh and relevant and not my own personal Groundhog Day. A bad back a few years ago introduced me to the concept of the static MIPIM; stay in one place and make everyone come to you. My chosen hub is Le Voilier, on the front and I have eight events there in the space of  two day period. I know their menu off by heart.

Olaf Schmidt: Day one at MIPIM

Welcome to MIPIM 2016. The 27th ‎gathering of the world’s leading real estate professionals officially opens this morning in sunny Cannes. Yet again it is set to be an impressive turn out with well over 21,000 people registered to attend the event. Amongst them will be leaders from 89 countries across the world and from every segment of the industry.

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