Catrin Griffiths

Bird & Bird’s succession taboo rings alarm bells

Politics is the juice of law firms. Publicly, lawyers will disdain discussions of partnership hierarchies and the individuals within them; privately, they relish them. And why not? Firm politics, the distillation of the personal and organisational, both illuminates and shapes strategy. It’s worth, then, paying attention to the terms people use when describing their firm’s […]


Success in the PRC market needs more than a speed-read of Sun Tzu

Failure is fashionable. Last month Amazon’s innovation head was jut the latest to gather headlines when he declared that the willingness to fail was a necessary part of success. So in the spirit of celebrating failure, let’s have a look at international firms in China.

Catrin Griffiths

The secret club that will rule the legal world is nothing but myth

The social function of myth is to bolster a value system in which a person or organisation has a meaningful place. Unsurprisingly, the legal sector has plenty of these myths, but rather than taking account of the sheer messiness of the global legal market, too much strategy discussion is based on erroneous beliefs rather than hard evidence.

It’s just not working: time to transform allocation methods

The illustration for our big feature this week was very nearly a caveman bashing an iPhone with a rock. We refrained in the end, but it’s odd to think that modern-day law firms – some of the most sophisticated and complex businesses on the planet – are still using prehistoric methods to allocate work to employees. […]

Paralegals are hard workers, not minions

When was the last time you were a minion? If you are a typical reader of The Lawyer the answer is probably a long time ago, if ever. Even as a lowly trainee or pupil you were one of the favoured children: the future of the business. This week’s cover feature, however, looks at the […]

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