Judgments of Note

Judgments of note: Uber and Ryanair

Uber London Limited v Transport for London and others The High Court has refused Uber’s application to declare its business model lawful. The judgment will impact private hire operators in London and Transport for London (TfL) alike. Market commentary suggests that by making Uber and other private hire operators liable for VAT, the judgment may […]

Harper Collins

Judgments of note: Libel actions and Associated Newspapers

Roman Abramovich v (1) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; (2) Catherine Belton The High Court has recently ruled in favour of Roman Abramovich in the first stage of his libel action against HarperCollins Publishers and Catherine Belton. In so doing, it found allegations that Abramovich had acted on the instructions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to […]


Judgments of note: BeIN Media Group and Google

Selevision Saudi Company v BeIN Media Group LLC The High Court has dismissed BeIN Media Group LLC (BMG’s) application for permission to bring a counterclaim against Selevision Saudi Company (SSC), after the latter sought for leave to enforce its arbitral award. The decision reaffirms the high importance English courts attach to the enforcement and recognition […]

Shell oil

Judgments of note: Shell and franchise agreements

Jalla and others v Shell International Trading and Shipping Company  The Court of Appeal has recently ruled against the appellants in its second judgment in Jalla and others v Shell International Trading and Shipping Company. The appeal concerned whether two named individuals could claim remediation relief for the effects of an oil spill on behalf […]

Judgments of note: puberty blockers and Student Finance

Bell & Anor v The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust [2021] EWCA Civ 1363   The Court of Appeal has overturned a previous High Court ruling in Bell & Anor v Tavistock, granting The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust’s appeal. This time the Court of Appeal unanimously ruled that young adults under the age of 16 […]

Judgments of note: Servier and Lakatamia Shipping

Secretary for State for Health and another v Servier Laboratories Ltd and others  [2021] UKSC 24 The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous judgment in Servier’s patents dispute with the Secretary of State for Health and the NHS Business Services Authority, ruling in favour of Servier and dismissing the Secretary of State’s appeal. Servier Laboratories […]

Judgments of Note: Procurement, immigration, and protected beliefs

R (The Good Law Project) v Minister for the Cabinet Office The Technology and Construction Court ruled in favour of the Good Law Project’s landmark judicial review against the UK Government’s decision to award a contract for communications and focus group services to an agency, Public First, without holding any competition at the start of […]

Judgments of note: Facebook and investor visas

Facebook Ireland Ltd v Voxer IP LLC  The Patents Court handed down its second judgment of the year in a dispute between Facebook and Voxer. Lord Justice Birss sat in the Patents Court and delivered a nuanced judgment, finding for both claimant and defendant. The court agreed with Facebook that Voxer’s patent had not been […]

Judgments of Note – Russian arbitration and trade unions

Hulley Enterprises Ltd & Ors v The Russian Federation [2021] EWHC 894 (Comm)  The Commercial Court handed down its judgment in a long-running arbitration dispute between Cyprus and Isle of Mann incorporated companies Hulley Enterprises, Veteran Petroleum and Yukos Universal and the Russian Federation. Mr Justice Henshaw ruled in favour of the Russian Federation, upholding […]