In-house Roundtable

Simon Farthing, LexisNexis

Data and analytics – a friend or foe?

The Lawyer and LexisNexis gathered delegates from across the legal sector, including lawyers, chief operating officers and IT directors, to discuss data and analytics – the critical path that data plays in their practices and how to harness its power for profitability, risk, management, planning and client experience. The roundtable was led by LexisNexis UK […]

Ryan Prins, Philips

Roundtable: Looking ahead to the next stage of legal tech

UK law firms have emerged from the height of the pandemic more tech-savvy than ever, having rapidly adapted new tools to improve work progress and client interaction. In the Darwinian survival of the tech savviest, technology won’t replace lawyers but lawyers who use technology will replace those who don’t. As managing partners now look ahead […]

Zoom and the $1trn M&A deals

$1trn in M&A deals have been conducted remotely since lockdown, making due diligence and synergies harder for IHLs. They discuss the challenges in this roundtable.

Roundtable: It’s time to invest in a better BD strategy

At some point, the eyes of one participant catch the details in the room of another attendee. “That’s a really nice background,” she says. It is a frequent comment during a call full of marketing heads. Stuck at home for over a year, they have become acute observes of catchy details and innovations. With live […]