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More borders, more fees: opportunities for lawyers after Brexit

In the wake of the Brexit vote, there is a need for some clarity on the general subject of globalisation and a law firm’s strategic positioning. First, globalisation is not a decision. It is a force and, for all intents and purposes, a force of nature. It is the movement of people, ideas, products, ­services, […]

Pale imitation of a network

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I’m more than happy to take the compliment that large firms are paying to legal networks such as ours

Get to grips with the new insurance rules

Imagine you are a general counsel or director in whose department sits the person who buys your company’s insurance policies. You may be about to become a star witness in insurance disputes. Is that news to you? Are you concerned by it?

SFO self-reporting concerns misplaced

Imagine you have a corporate client with a fraud or corruption issue. The client conducts its business responsibly. It has a code of ethics its leadership believes in. It wants to put its house in order and manage the associated risk. What do you advise? You won’t be surprised to read what my recommendation would […]


Business intelligence: optimal ways to compare firms’ profitability

By Alan Hodgart, principal, Hodgart Associates The profitability of a law firm is a key competitive tool. It is not the only performance measure but its importance should not be underrated. A firm that underperforms its competitors on profitability over a sustained period is likely to face a decline in performance relative to competitors. It […]

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