On-demand webinar: Where do you start? How to successfully integrate tech into your team

With such varied and prolific discussions around adopting tech in law, it can be difficult to understand how and where it fits into existing teams. Financial services companies are under great pressure to drive efficiencies and innovate but it’s not always clear as to how they can do this. This session explores the opportunities that tech and innovation can bring to legal teams through inspiring examples and real-life experiences shared by the panel.

On-demand Webinar: What’s next with Brexit

Brexit continues to impact the UK financial services sector. The conversation is moving beyond Equivalence and arrangements with the EU, to how the UK should design and orient its post-Brexit domestic regulatory framework, its approach to overseas firms operating in the UK, and explore new avenues related to the Digital and Climate Change to ensure that the UK remains a leading global financial centre. Watch this session to hear a regulatory update on where we stand with the post-Brexit agenda to date, what legal teams should be considering and how firms can prepare for the future.

On-demand Webinar: How to lead through uncertainty in the financial services ecosystem

Managing change for in-house teams is very time consuming, yet legal teams are consistently expected to work ahead of the curve with unclear guidance and very little data. Brexit, Covid-19 and data privacy regulatory updates are a few but not exhaustive examples. Navigating this landscape whilst advising the business on a day to day issues is challenging and taxing. So how have teams navigated times of turmoil thoughtfully and effectively whilst avoiding burnout?

On-demand Webinar: How can the financial services sector lead on ESG?

ESG remains at the top of business agendas this year with increased scrutiny on what firms can do to contribute to building back a better world post-pandemic, but what is the role that financial services can actively play in all of this and how can firms incorporate ESG to drive strategic objectives?

On-demand Webinar: Staying relevant in changing times – Vets vs Fintechs

This panel discussion aims to compare and contrast the longevity and experience of traditional firms with the adaptability and risk-taking attitude of Fintechs while considering the role of the legal team and the optimal position to be in. Defining the future for financial services business models is key for ensuring prosperity ahead of turbulent times. Traditional models and new emerging tech start-ups have varying structures, so what exactly are the differing approaches of the market and what is the optimal position for the future of the industry?

On-demand Webinar: The role of lawyers in product development – putting the human back into it

The session looks at how legal teams can change their nature and get more involved in product development and innovative projects, while also being able to demonstrate that return on resource investment. Can lawyers add value in the development stage rather than when the problems emerge? The panel shares practical ways in which legal teams can exert themselves into the process as early as possible to ensure a focus on the right issues at the right stages. It seems that whatever the structure of the product development team if you involve legal at the beginning, it will save you from more work at the end and can aid in build trusting relationships in the process.

On-demand Webinar: Climate change – surviving the next crisis

Businesses are currently operating in a volatile climate where change is hard to predict. Yet an increasing number of scholars are vocally reminding us that the environmental crisis must not be forgotten amid the pandemic. While the coronavirus is the biggest challenge the world has faced in a very long time, it should not distract companies from their commitment to sustainability and fighting climate change. How can businesses weather the climate crisis and what can we learn from the Coronavirus? Can we move the dial from reactive to proactive? The first day of The Lawyer’s In-house Financial Services virtual conference kicked off with a keynote from the Environment Agency’s deputy director for innovative funding finance Andrew Sissons. In his 30-minute presentation, Andrew explained the enormous economic impact and dislocation that climate change will undoubtedly have if organisations and individuals do not heed the warnings. In the audience Q&A that followed, he particularly stressed the importance of corporates having a carbon budget: “As well as having a financial budget, you also need to have an idea of how much carbon you can afford to spend and make sure that you spend it efficiently”.    

On-demand Webinar: Changing the culture of financial services

The FCA defines culture as ‘the habitual behaviours and mindsets that characterise an organisation’ yet culture is commonly known as ‘the way things are done around here’. How can the financial services sector change this mindset to reflect a culture that aligns employee practice with the best customer outcomes? Can organisations utilise the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to develop their corporate culture in a vacuum? Dr Tom Reader, associate professor at the LSE’s Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, explains that the key is having a compelling reason to change as “Covid-19 is testament to the fact that culture can change rapidly”. Behaviours change when the cause is important – often, change programmes are ineffective because they are meaningful only for the people who want the change, not for the people they want to change.

business woman using mobile payments online shopping and icon customer network connection on virtual screen, m-banking and omni channel

On-demand Webinar: The business of our customers – the developing responsibility

With an increasing outlook on the value of customers, how can we customer-proof our businesses and increase our offerings as we emerge into a recession? Can we change the way we operate to put the customer at the heart of the company to enhance our services and retain our clients? What will be the challenges going forward? The panel discussion focuses on drawing comparisons from the 2008 financial crisis to demonstrate the integral and positive role that banks and other financial services organisations have played during the pandemic. “We were seen as part of the problem with the last financial crisis, but I think this time we have been part of the solution, and customers have been appreciative of that. They have been able to take us up on the initiatives that we were able to offer.”