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Career clinic: How loyal should I be to departing panel partner?

I’m a GC at a media business and the excellent relationship partner at one of my panel firms is set to move elsewhere. I worked across from her new firm back in my private practice days but frankly I didn’t have a very high opinion of them. Do I stick with the partner I trust; […]

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Career clinic: Should I put my faith in recruiters?

I’m a 2PQE in London. I’m not exactly planning to move on from my firm, but it never hurts to look at your options. How can I tell if a recruiter is worth my time? I get lots of calls, but half the time it seems the jobs that get pitched at me don’t even […]

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Career clinic: Should I take advantage of parental leave?

I recently found out that I will be a father. My firm offers fairly generous shared parental leave, but I am worried about the return to work – I have heard stories of other male partners mocked for taking the time off and even had their clients taken from them. I’m terrified about coming back […]

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Career clinic: How can I help a senior partner who’s struggling?

I’m an NQ in a large City firm. I work primarily with one quite senior partner – he’s a great lawyer and he’s not a bad man but he’s not the most emotionally open person. Since March, a number of minor incidents have given the impression that he’s not had a great pandemic and that […]

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Career clinic: What can I do about a clash of personalities?

Two of my direct reports really don’t get on with each other. They are both capable lawyers but have very different personality types. This all came to a head last autumn after the end of a project when it was clear that they had been clashing. They’re both brilliant lawyers and could easily get a […]

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Career clinic: How can I plan ahead in the age of the disruptor?

I read in all the trade press about the disruptors who are upsetting the legal sector and the way firms operate. While this has not really “disrupted” my firm yet, I am aware that it must do at some point. What advice would you give to hedge my career so I take the right turn […]

Career clinic: My expertise is stalling my career – what can I do?

I am the best transactional lawyer in our in-house team, but unfortunately that means I’m the go-to person for big deals which dominates my time and limits my development in other areas.  It also prevents the team developing strength in depth, which only reinforces the issue. How do I persuade my manager that a non-transactional, […]

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Career clinic: How can I build a portfolio career?

I want a portfolio career but really love the firm I am with at the moment. How should I approach my boss to discuss doing others things while retaining involvement in my current role? Jamie Butler, director of learning and development, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton It really depends on what your ideal portfolio career […]