Black History Month

Black History Month: Anergi Group’s Omosuyi Fred-Omojole

I am head of legal and chief of staff at Anergi Group, one of the largest power developers and operators in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining Anergi Group, I was an international transactional lawyer at Slaughter and May (London), Aluko & Oyebode (Lagos), Linklaters (London) and Dentons (London) respectively. I grew up in Nigeria and […]

Black History Month: My path to confidence

Monica Gogna still remembers when, as a young associate, she would find herself changing clothes in her car. It was Navaratri, a period of Hindu celebrations that spans nine days in October. Every evening, she would go to the temple to pray in the traditional outfit. But she was nervous about what her colleagues would […]

Lara Oyesanya

Black History Month: My journey to the C-Suite

My career in financial services began at Lex, an asset-based finance firm and a joint venture between Lex Service and Lombard that later became a joint venture with Halifax. Lex Service changed its name when it bought RAC plc. Halifax and Bank of Scotland merged and became HBOS plc. The joint venture continued between RAC […]

Elisabeth Fapuro, Dechert

Black History Month: Access is only part of the story

Conversations about diversity and inclusion across the legal profession are often underscored by an assumption that we need to legitimise the value of diversity within the profession, prompting a focus on the value of diversity to a firm’s bottom line and an assessment of the “business case” for diversity. While most legal professionals would probably […]

Black History Month: The vital work of Legal Observers

Black Protest Legal Support (BPLS) was set up amid the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in May 2020. The primary aim was to monitor policing at BLM protests and to assist those who were arrested through the work of our Legal Observers. Legal Observers play a crucial role at any protest. ‘Policing the police’ as […]

Black History Month: Looking backwards and upwards

As a woman of Nigerian, Jamaican and English heritage, born and raised in the north of England and from a working-class background, I grew up with strong ambitions, work ethic and pride in my background and culture. So for me, Black History Month (BHM) is an opportunity to celebrate and remember the achievements of black […]

Black History Month: Osborne Clarke’s TK Spiff

Coming from a Nigerian background there a few avenues you are pushed down, and my mum thought being a lawyer was what I was good at. Sciences didn’t work for me; law made sense at age 16. I was born in Oxford but grew up in Aylesbury. I have been in London for six years […]

Black History Month: Black Men in Law co-founder Isaac Eloi

I took Religious Studies, Business Studies, English and Spanish as A Levels. I liked reading, writing and analysing things that were linked to intellectual pursuits. I wanted to study something with languages and Law seemed like a good choice, so I read Law with Spanish at Sheffield. * Challenges came thick and fast and started […]